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Add Detailed Instructions for Importing Orders
There are currently no instructions. Here are some things we've run into that could be included... Questions: How do I need to set up an order import file so that I can import items correctly for orders? To add additional items to the order, we create 1 row per item with all of the same order info, but with the different item info, correct? Will the 2nd product be added or will it replace the previous row's item? If a customer doesn't exist and they have an order on the order import file, will they be created? Or do we have to do a customer import and then an order import? It seems to be the latter. The former would be preferable. Other Feedback about exporting/importing orders: There are no instructions at all in the knowledge base specific to order imports. Please provide instructions for various types of orders and products. A detailed description of how to fill in the item related fields would be very helpful. - Including things like the order export can have the OrderItems in 1 field, but this column doesn't exist in the order import mapping. It's extremely frustrating for importing orders to be this cumbersome and this much of a mystery. ItemWarehouseID: Add the ID to the Settings > Shipping > Warehouses page so we don't have to hunt for them. ItemWarehouseStateID: Apparently this is a number, but I can't find a corresponding list. Why can't this just be the state name or abbreviation. Or provide a list of codes. ItemWarehouseCountryID: not as big of deal, but the same issue as the state. Why put 1 when we can enter US or United States. If it needs to be a code, provide a list.
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