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Add MAP To Lisings Section
Add MAP To Listings Section - Map pricing is critical to any business online. MAP Pricing Violations will prevent you from selling and entire product line. It only takes 3 violations and you can no longer sell that product line. that is what all of our suppliers MAP Policy states. Selleractive could make managing map more accurate and less time-consuming in selleractive by simply adding map price to the listings report. Todays Process - Currently we have to go through a multi time consuming and error-prone process to mange map 1.) create an export from the product file of all map products. in our case it's tens of thousands. 2.) combine multiple product exports files into one file. 3.) Then perform the Vlookup of the combined file against the listings export. This will identify all of the products that are map. 4.) from their we use the dynamic minimums to make the proper adjustments on pricing strategies. Adding map to listings - the new way. 1.) one step. Simple - sorting export by map from the listings report. Complying with our suppliers pricing policy is critical to our business operations. I believe it also affects many other companies across many industries. Adherence is mandatory if you want to continue to sell a product line. if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for your consideration. Paul PS - Another feature to consider is providing a Columns in the listings export that has a dynamic minimum vs MAP which states greater or less than. This makes it easier to select the appropriate pricing strategy to adhere to map. And also be profitable. it could also even eliminate the need for an export because you sort in your UI to assign strategies.
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